Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art Imitating Life

I received my replacement ink set today from Dick Blick.
Lickety split!

This was my daily art: the process was index stamping and casing these alphabet stamps.

They have been waiting patiently to be entered into my system, and it may be even longer before any are actually used in some art. But I got a bit impulsive towards casing them because I had some notion about having them available in case there was space to art journal with them. I usually print out my text on a printer, but not because I prefer it. Mostly it is because all my stickers and stamp font letters are too large for the available page space. And with this go-around of art journaling, I'm not into handwriting quite yet. So, if I can know where there are some tiny alpha stamps, perhaps there will be space for use.

I'm working on the next page in my Little Gluebook of Wisdom, but there's been injuries. I'd found a cool word cloud graphic and cut it out all nice, but the paper was a thick magazine glossy and so I set about lightly sanding the back and I tore an edge of it right off. At first I wasn't gonna use it at all, then I thought, this is ridiculous. It's a personal experimental journal. So I decided on a compromise. I tore a few other edges off of it and that is now part of the message of the page. I even dampened it and crumbled it up, then smoothed back out. HA! Take that, Karma (she said cheerfully...and gratefully).

But I digress. If I do not finish the page tomorrow, I'll take some photos of my progress.