Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Moves Faster than Art

Well, here it is, finally finished: the journal page that took a week to finish, sheesh.

Guess I was taking the quote to heart, eh? Love this Ferris Buellar quote, and here is some trivia from the movie. Did you know that the actress who played Ferris' mom (Cindy Pickett) and the actor who played
his dad (Lyman Ward) fell in love on this movie and then got married in real life? True! Of course, they got divorced 6 years later, but that's Hollywood (and real life) for ya.

Still continuing to play around with my watermark brush in PSE (not knowing what the heck I'm doing when I do it, by the way). Somehow figured out how to make it more white so that I can stamp it on dark colors, and then saved it. So hopefully now I have one for light colors and one for dark colors. I stamped both on this journal page photo, can you see them?