Sunday, September 24, 2023

Bookstore Journal Page

 Happy Sunday. Hope y'all are doing well.
Still no change with me.
This flare is the longest one I've ever had.
So, I couldn't sleep and make a quick journal page.
I used a couple of Scribbles Designs digis on this page. I printed them out, colored them with Promarkers and fussy cut them to layer onto a rather wild and bright acrylic background, reminding me of abstract city lights at night. I used a few Posca paint pens to write my words.
I made this page to remember that in December of 2012, the owner of the last operating bookstore in our city announced she was retiring for good and closing up. It was a used bookstore in the heart of our downtown area. She sought a buyer and then invited regular customers to buy her remaining inventory before finally closing for good.
I was greatly saddened because after our mall lost all their new bookstores (and then the mall closed a while later), I discovered the fun in exploring used bookstores. I knew the owner, she was a retired French teacher and a family friend. My dad even considered buying it but knew he was too old. He was sad about it, too.
Since then, we've had a couple of used bookstores to open, but it's just not the same. 
One had a really crappy selection and the other one was wayyyyy over-priced.
I think both are closed now.
I found a good one in the next town over and went there until they closed.
I usually look for books to alter or journal in anyway and still have several I can use.
But I do miss the hunt.
Thanks for visiting and have a good day.

Media: Paper, Paints, Inks
Sometimes we can find the good parts of memories by acknowledging and respecting the bad parts of them.


My name is Erika. said...

OK, my first comment didn't go through-I do hate when that happens. So here I go again. When I was a kid we had a good little bookstore not too far away. And then it moved a little further away into an old factory and it became a great bookstore. And it was big too. Sadly when the owner Dad decided to retire, the son who took it over didn't live nearby and so the store moved several towns away. Too far away to shop at when I went to visit my parents. And that was sad. I understand the sentiment for your page, and it's a great colorful page. I like it a lot. The colors you used are wonderful too. Thanks for joining us at AJJ for Elle's challenge. And I hope well wishes that your flairs stop, and that you had a super start to the week. hugs-Erika

Heather said...

Always so sad when this happens - I have loved so many awesome used book stores in my time! I admit I'm a little enchanted with my kindle these days - so portable, lol, but I still have print books to the ceiling, too! A very wonderful creation - love that colorful background! Sad, but perfect! Thanks so much for playing at Make My Monday!

Empire of the Cat said...

As a book lover and big reader, I naturally love bookshops. Your story is so sad but seems to happen more and more. How awful that you now have no bookshops at all in your town! We still have one, it's part of a chain here in the UK, and it does seem to do quite well (fingers crossed). We do seem to be suffering from the usual problems of people who aren't interested in reading and then on top, places like Amazon who are taking the few remaining readers away from the bookshops. I will be writing a post about bookshops this week which you might be interested in. I also understand and am saddened by the sentiment for your page. I do really like your bookshop though and purples and yellows used. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for joining me for the Books, Cats & Tea September theme at Art Journal Journey this month. Happy Journalling! Elle xx

Cazro said...

Hi, I adore books, after crafting reading, sourcing, stroking books is a passion of mine. I was so saddened to read your post of the closure of the lovely bookshop, followed by others. Being honest, I have to rely mostly on charity shops these days for my books. I love your interpretation of In The Cit challenge at MMM. Thanks so much for sharing your creative card and your story with us at MMM Caz. DT.

Billie A said...

Cute house and great colors. thanks for sharing over at Make my Monday

Fiona said...

Love your page - and all those vibrant colours. A great mixed media piece and thanks for sharing with us again at Creative Artiste Mixed Media. It's so sad when bookstores close - still reminds me of that film with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It's happened here in the UK also but we actually have a whole town dedicated to book shops. It's a wonderful place called Hay on Wye and not far from where I live in Wales. There you are spoilt for choice for books and they run festivals also. I must say one of the things I miss about Texas living though was going to Barnes and Noble of an evening with the kids - looking at the books and having coffee and then coming out and it was still warm.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

It's such a shame that bookshops are closing, even here in the UK. I love looking around and then finding a little gem. Your journal page is awesome, I love all the colours. It also gives a huge message, use it or lose it..
Faith x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry you are still not well. Also sad about the used book store closing. We had one in my neighborhood that closed a few years ago, too. The owner sold to a buyer who thogth USED books should sell for the same price as new ones. The store lasted about six months and closed for good. To my knowledge, the only place to buy used books in Wichita is now through Goodwill. Thankfully I have so many books including two sets of books I got at our clean up. Old unloved books found a new home at my place.

I love how you colored the bookstore. I suspect it was an awesome place to visit. Thanks for this wonderful entry you have given us at Art Journal Journey using Elle''s theme.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely card, and good that it commemorates the used book store. I love such stores. We still have a few here, but many have closed, such a pity! Have a good week, Valerie

Carol said...

I am not such a great bookworm as I used to be. I tend to buy Audio CDs - but I love all your artwork. Have you thought of searching online for 'stuff'? You can find some if you look hard enough. I have found some bits and bobs for Alice in Wonderland online. I wanted them for ATCs.
Carol xx
CD Sunday Plus DT

Elkes Lebensglück said...

A bookstore is always so nice and you showed that on the journal page. Great presentation and it's a shame that you don't have it anymore.
Get well soon!Hug Elke

Pamela said...

A very colourful page to remember a special place.
CD Sunday Plus DT.

ScrappyHorses said...

Wonderful page...but sad about the bookstore! I love bookstores; everything about them appeals to me and the truth is I don't read that often! Strange, but they just feel inviting to me! Your page is a lovely tribute to one of your favorite places. Great colors and perfect image! Thanks for sharing with us at Path of Positivity! ~Katrina

Bonnie Lynn said...

Fabulous page my friend. We've only got 2 bookstores left in our town with one being a used book store and then Barnes & Noble. Not sure how long they'll stay open. My daughter loves shopping used book stores. I haven't gone to one in a long time. It's time I changed that. Thank you for the inspiration today.

nwilliams6 said...

Hope things are going a bit better.

I love your page to commemorate this sad event. Love the colors.

We have had several close here too over the years. I now hunt at the thrift stores or when we travel I always search for them where ever we go My favorite is two hours away. It makes traveling a bit more fun to find them though.


Jocelyn said...

You have made a great journal page but with such a sad reason behind it. I suppose it is a sign of the times we now live in, especially after Covid, that so much is bought and sold on line now. It's not the same though is it. We have some charity shops locally and they usually have a pre-loved book section which is ideal for crafting projects.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Jocelyn x
CD Sunday Plus DT

craftytrog said...

A great page to pay tribute to book shops Aimeslee.
I must confess to reading online now, something I vowed never to do, but it started in the COVID lockdown when I couldn't get out.

Lisa said...

Wowza great colors on this journal page. Very eye catching and super book store image too.

Margarets designer cards said...

Unfortunately this seems to be the way of the world, book shops seem to be the first to close, which is such a shame. Great page in memory of your bookshop
Thank you for joining us
CD Sunday plus DT