Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday TakeOut

So, how do you like my new blog header and background? I wanted a springy look that could evolve to summer if I get that lazy. The header background is one that I made in 2009 for a calendar, and I just some text in PSE. Then the blog background is a blogger choice under the "Awesome" template.

I've got a lovely potpouri to share today. First, a cool new inspiration site, if color turns you on:

design seeds

I subscribe to them by email, so every day I get a set of 4 color combo photos like the one above. I save them into a folder and it's nice to open the folder up like a closet door and look at all the cool color "outfits". My fantasy is to have all my supplies just colored-grouped (paper, brads, paint, glitter, all of one color in one group), cuz tht is where it starts and ends for me...with color.

Last page in my 2Hearts composition book Journal...paper collage around a magazine image.

I've long admired my friend Carmen's paper-collaged journals. Kept telling myself, I'm gonna try that and see if I enjoy it, because what a way to use up the scrapbook paper! (Cardstock, not so much, but thinner papers, look out!)  And, I found out that it's not that easy to do but not so hard, and it is relaxing to do. As this page is in my lettering journal, I'm now thinking I will do pages like this intermittently throughout it, while I see just how much of it will be used for my lettering. Peruse a little lettering, then a little collage, yadayada, etc.

Now, do you see my interest in the design seeds? Color combo ideas for the pages! haha
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