Monday, March 12, 2012

Checking in...

wHAT hAvE i bEEn UP to LaTeLy?

Well, I have not been feeling great this past week...the Arthurs came to visit on account of the many rainy days. And then I got off course of my strict eating and Tummy Wars ensued a few times. So, when these things happen to me, I revert to organizing my blackhole of supplies.

This is not organizing. This is a card I was supposed to make this past weekend, but I am just now about 3/4 done (as of Monday night). What you see here is me finally deciding on the papers, the cardstock and the stamped image. I'll explain more when I share the finished product.

But my point is that it took me almost all week to go through my stamps, my sketches, my papers...and make decisions. And absolute misery trying to stay on task. It was at that point that I just went for the easy mindless chores instead.
LOL, man, have my pencils, pens and markers seen some different addresses over the years! Recycled jam jars, desk drawers, shoe boxes...and now finally, my old vhs tape cases that I originally bought to house my stamps until finally giving in to cd cases.
The lettering class I'm still taking at a luxuriously slow pace has motivated me to hand write and draw more, so I've ended up lettering and coloring on the case labels.
I did create a basic template in PSE and print out fronts and spines for my colored pencils. I just doodled on my Tombow cases. (Yep, I had to try doodling on the one brown pencil case and didn't like it. In fact, I wanna change it to look like the others...another day.)

The backs all look like one of those two patterns. The red-orange one lets you see the different colors. The blue one is prettier to my eye...more artsy, I guess.

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