Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Take Out

This post is a little more catch-up and synchronizing to my Flickr account. When I upload a brand new creation to my Flickr, I then know what to post here. But when I forget, chaos ensues! Today I've been trying to reconcile this.

I've discovered that I never shared this New Years card that I made using a Stampers Corner sketch...back in January (oops), so let me correct that now:
This card could also be called Trying Out My Inktense (watercolor pencils). I took a Dover dragon image and colored it. The Inktenses take a while to get used to, but I do like them. Good thing, because I got the 72-pencil set for Christmas.
I promptly took them all out of the lovely tin and into my vhs cases you saw on Monday, but still...
I did keep the empty tin to alter into something someday. To be fair, I did try using these pencils in their tin, but I'm just not that kinda gal. That seemed too fussy for me, plus I like a container that lets me combine all of my watercolor pencils together. And, combine them by color. Yes, I'm just a color whore, plain and simple. But if you like the fussy orderly tin, this one is very nice, although as large as it is, I'm already fantasizing it as an altered tin book or something, lol.
Something else that I also got for Christmas is a portable photo shoot studio from ThinkGeek:
Think Geek Portable Photo Studio
This is the promotional photo. Mine is still in the box, unopened. Why? Waiting for me to get all of my furniture into my art playroom, where I can then set this thing up. Gonna be great when I finally do that. What can I say? I have this weird trait of holding onto stuff for a long time before using. I have a Cricut machine I bought in 2009 that I've never opened...and 8 cartridges.

Now, conventional wisdom would note that I might be a gambling risk taker, because what if the stuff doesn't work when I do open it? Well, aside from a couple of cheap-ass Christmas yard decs I bought from one of those mail-order catlaogs, every single thing that I've bought this way has worked perfectly when I've finally got them out and used them. Call me a trusting fool soul, but at least I'm a consistent one, winkwink. I'm not alone, either. I read lots of other similar confessions in the forums.
What are you hoarding? C'mon, I know there is SOMEthing...
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