Monday, March 5, 2012


I received an email or two requesting to see my original sketch of the rose I shared the other day. Here it is, and feel free to print it and color it if you gift to you!
It is always a good idea to scan or photog the phases of your work. It is hard to remember to do, though. So, I try to ALWAYS scan the bare sketch...I tell myself that I never know when I might need to print it out to try again, in case I totally botch the painting/coloring part. This does seems to help me get past the freeze-up I feel when I am supposed to begin to color a sketch. That freeze-up of fear is problematic for me...
Well, after sleeping on it and re-reading my first watercoloring blog post, I am refreshed and determined anew to do this watercolor sketching! BUT, it will be on my way. Although I will definitely keep trying to interest myself in painting realistic shapes with only a wet brush, I have realized that my STYLE of creating is controlled, whimsical, bold, rudimentary....Mexican? Honestly, most of the time when someone asks me to describe my painting style, I think of the bold, simple, colorful paintings that Mexican artists are known for. Is that a style? Does it have a name? I wish I knew! Hoping that my blogging friend  Donna (who lives there), might weigh in and help me out with some names I can google and learn about. Please enlighten me, oh Donna, oh Donna (ya singing it yet? I am! lol)
Here's my latest piece. I must give credit to my blogging friend, Pat, whose beautiful Poppies art inspired me to try to copy her. Click on that link and you will soon see that there was no copying whatsoever going on, sadly. My style is what I'm stuck with. Might as well embrace it, and so I will. BUT, I would love to be able to paint with my brush like Pat. Just sayin'...
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