Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do Something You're Bad At!

...aka Do Something You Suck At! haha.
For me, that would definitely be watercoloring. As the photos that decorate this post show only too well (I got my supplies out the other day and just played without any kind of expectations), I have absolutely no control over any of it. All I can really do is paint stripes, lol.
It downright bugs me, sometimes. I cannot control the water. I cannot control the brush. Or my strokes, which is important. I seriously do not know what I am doing when it comes to watercoloring.
So, I'm gonna take a (free!) Strathmore class in Watercolor Sketching taught by the talented Cathy Johnson, beginning Thursday, March 1st.
And YOU too can take the class -- hurry over and sign up -- yes, it is free. Although there is a supply list, it's not that extensive or picky and can be easily substituted for the most part with onhand supplies if necessary.
Sketching would also be something I'm not that great at, so two birds: meet my stone. haha. No, I'm not going into it with the goal of becoming an awesome watercolorist or sketcher. In all honestly, I'm just hoping to try to decide if I ever could get any better at all in either technique.
I became acutely aware of these *deficiencies* in my "repertoi-arte" (repertoire of artistic abilities) back in January while attempting Traci Bautista's class, and it likely contributed to my feeling so uncomfortable. (I like to do what I choose to do well, or at least well enough to be proud of it.)
So,  I challenge you to explore a technique or medium that you're not that great at, whether it be taking a class or following the techniques in a book or a YouTube video. And don't try to be good or expect to be great at it. Just try to BE in its moment and enjoy the experience. Keep it as simple and basic as you can...this increases enjoyment and reduces stress. And remember these words:
We fail more often  
by timidity  
than by over-daring.
~David Grayson
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