Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wednesday I turned 56, and 14 in Leap Year time. It's a bit of a giggle that the older I get, the more tempted I am to use my Leap Year age. I think it is like a preposterous Tall Tale or something.

I read an article about how no pregnant women want to schedule their deliveries on Leap Year, for fear that their child won't appreciate being born on one. While I've enjoyed the semi-noteriety, I can't say that I blame them.

It was fun as a kid to be treated specially, but I always felt the contained annoyances or jealousies surrounding it from my classmates and friends. And I learned the hard way as I got older that if you don't have a birthday that is on the calendar every year, people tend to forget yours.

But, as one friend of mine pointed out, being forgotten on your birthday happens to all kinds of people who do have a yearly birthdate. So, I don't feel so alone. :-)) I have learned to keep a low profile and celebrate among family, who never fail me with continuing to treat me specially. When friends remember, it's a plus. But the low key mentality dominates. I even forgot to post it here until right now, lol.

Make no mistake - I celebrate a birthday every year! In the non-LP years, my birthday is Feb. 28 - the last day of the month. Not March 1. I'm a February baby. My birthstone is Amethyst. I was born in February, not March. Simple as that.

This was my first year to have a birthday on Facebook. And it was fun to get dozens of well wishes, by virtue of reminders to friends. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to have that in real life?

All in all, given my trouble with focussing and my tendency to wear out easily, I think I still prefer the low-key approach. I'm kinda glad my birthday -- any birthday -- only happens once a year. :-))


Benita said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Aimeslee....I didn't realize you were a leap year cool :) Beautiful flowers!

teri said...

So happy your are proud of each of your years. I feel the same way AND I freely remind everyone around me that my birthday is imminent so they will remember to send me cards. I think there should be a month-long celebration for birthdays so that there would be plenty of time for everyone to wish us well. Congratulations, Aimeslee!!

pat said...

Happy Birthday to you !!
Enjoy it any time it comes around; beats the alternative!!

Fran T said...

Aimeslee, thanks for your visit and kind words on my blog post. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I would LOVE to be 14 y.o.! haha!!

Linda said...

Hello birthday girl! It is so nice to see that you have turned comments back on. I usually keep up with you in my reader and thought I would check in to see if I can chat with you here too.

I probably won't get most of that list done, I have big dreams that for some reason don't always happen. I figure if I put it out there, I would find a way to get part of it done. Or so that is what I tell myself. :)