Saturday, September 3, 2011

TRUE Story

"True" journal collage page in my Little Gluebook of Wisdom (click on it to see enlarged)
Okay, so. I'm sharing the finished result at the beginning of my story of how the page evolved.

It all began with this image (above), one I saved from my weekly Dover samples email and printed out on my black and white laserjet.

I ended up with this (above). The nice bold swirls background was what I was interested in replicating.

I then took a piece of parchment tracing paper and a Pentel Fine Point Fluid Correction Pen (aka whiteout) and began drawing the swirly background from the image onto the tracing paper.

I began outlining the pattern with the pen, which is good for small amounts of tracing at a time, thankfully (because of my arthritic hands).
Then I began filling in to make a solid pattern....

And ended up with this cool looking piece.

I was originally interested in using the pen as a resist medium to an inked page, I juiced up my brayer with some rainbow blues, greens, pinks and purples and rolled it on.
I was digging how my imperfect application of the whiteout pen caused such texture with the ink seeping into the little bare nooks an crannies.
The look of this really reminds me of batik...

And here is the piece collaged onto my journal page background. I still had tons of cut up scraps from my last couple of projects - from when I used the color wheel to find my orange-green-purple triad. I collaged on a border with those, after laying down a smattering of those colors in acrylic paint around the outside edge of the page. That tracing paper is really transparent. I actually adhered the penned resist paper face down, because I really liked the look better from the back of it.

Oh, and the images of the women are just regular collage sheet images made into quick an easy packing tape transfers, which is why you can see the swirls thru them. Cool, huh? The sentiments are packaged scrapbook quotes from Autumn Leaves, I think (they are at least 5 years old). Since they are made out of vellum, they look transparent as well.

Next time you are looking for something different to use in your art, check out your office supplies. You may find some fun things to play with!