Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tumblr Thursday

Borrowing from the website of tumbled images, my Tumblr Thursday is a mishmash of images representing what I've been into this week:

Made a niece's birthday card using scraps, a stamp and a sketch from Stampers Corner...

Another one of my moon shots: this is an unadulterated photo, meaning it just came out that way! Cool, huh?

One stamp set, 2 cd cases: Sweet Peas stamp set from Cora's Clearly Vintage

Second set of neighborhood ducklings hanging out...

You've heard of bird watchers. Well, I'm a bit of a lizard looker. I love them...geckos, too. This, shot in sepia mode, was probably my best shot from a recent observation.
This diversion was brought to you by She Who Tries Desperately To Avoid Thinking About the Storm in the Gulf...aka me.