Thursday, July 28, 2011

Copy Cat Fun

Card front, featuring see-thru window cut-out and River City Rubber Works stamps
 A couple of years ago, I received a card in a swap that looked almost exactly identical to this one I am sharing today. That's because I tried to copycat it as much as I could, even using the same stamps. And it was fun to make.

Card inside, with finished window edges, really looks like a jail cell window, haha...I think!
I'd been so impressed with the card I'd received that I fell in love with the old ladies and checked out the stamp site, where I quickly discovered that this particular group of stamps was sold out or retired, forget which. So, I turned to ebay and luckily found them for sale. Back then I didn't think a blatant copy was an okay thing to do, and not being able to think of a different card design, I ended up not using the stamps at all. Until this week.

The design steps definitely benefitted from a well-thought-out gameplan, and even then, I almost messed up glueing the wrong sides a couple of times. I also had to think out the blacks on whites and vice versa, so I'm pretty proud of the construction. That's probably why it's so plain and simple, too. But, sadly, I cannot remember for the life of me who sent me that first card, so I cannot email her and ask. If you sent it to me, please email me and tell me, and I'll credit you gratefully. I haven't enjoyed constructing a card quite so much in a while, and whoever you are, I thank you!

Ain't it funny where inspiration, motivation, and all the other -ations come from sometimes? It makes life so enjoyable...those little things. Just like a true friend.