Monday, April 4, 2011

FlyBy Week

A Traci Bautista-inspired background for the mixed media calendars I created last year. Digital calendar month freebie courtesy of Creature Comforts blog.
So glad that I thought to scan in most of the backgrounds before adding the 2010 months! Note to file.....
Wow, I don't know about you, but my week just flew by. I can hardly believe we're in April already! Even though I didn't blog, I got quite a lot of detail work done. Since they say the devil's in the details, can I say the devil made me do it? winkwink
In between my Carbonite initial file back up (90% backed up as of this moment-almost done!) and an endless array of little detailed organizational jobs in my playroom that are required because of space reasons before I move the big table and chifferobe and Cricut cabinet in, I worked on altering a batch of padded envie mailers that I wanted to recycle.
I had a stack of them waiting to go in the mailer box, but the box is full, so I set up a little work area and went to it whenever I had a spare moment. Made my own designer paper with some scrapbook paper scraps and stamps...
I brayered with dye ink and then a little dry painting with acrylics.
At some point I wanted to watercolor, so I got out my metallic tube paints and painted lines and lines and lines...
I've re-organized this area a few times, and this is the latest. Took the simple route and clipped hand-written labels on. Most of the little jobs I did weren't really photographable, but I wanted to show at least one thing.
And another one: I re-arranged and added to my inspiration board with some loose sketches I had on another board. I'm planning to decopage that cigar label on a wastebasket for The Hubster's ManCave one of these days.
I did get one card made.
I recycled an old card front that I'd saved, and added the little jewel and paper flowers, then re-matted onto a purple base and off-center onto a yellow card blank so it has that strip of yellow on the spine. It makes me so happy to look at it because it screams Spring to me.