Monday, March 28, 2011

Slacker Sunday

Today was a Raggedy-Ann kind of day...
Good news to knockwood on! No more attacks *so far* since I regained dietary, supplement and meds control. I talked today to a friend who's a nurse and she confirmed that yeah, not gonna see the vitals I clocked during a heart attack or aneuyrism or rupture. She figures that the combination of foods I ate created a huge amount of gas and hard-to-digest situation. That is, unless it reoccurs while I'm being good, in which case, I'll have to have it all looked at.
One of my organziation chores done in March: Sizzix item # labelling.

 So, I've been slacking today, doing remote-control kinda stuff and just piddling here and there. I mix-media-altered a couple of used padded envies to recycle. I'll share once I get photos. I also wadded up client tax papers to burn in the pit. (This could be the world's longest chore to-do left unfilled that has been constantly worked on...after 3 shedders dying, I recently decided to burn the paper.)

Temporary nester: my subscription came with a jokes calendar.
I'm also sharing a few of my playroom's in-process progress. One string of my window lights has gone out and I have been trying to talk myself up about checking the bulbs. I bought a bulb tester last year but cannot remember where it is hiding. And I found a couple of cards I want to CASE, but that's as far as I got. All of this while I continued my initial Carbonite backup. I'm now up to 40% backed up. This may be slower than watching paint dry. Thank goodness they said it would only be this long the first time. {eyeroll}

My inspiration board is slowly evolving...
I joined one scrapbooking community that also has some interesting Photo Shop Elements tutes as well as some activities I think would be helpful for me and my new mission. Joining one is Hubster-approved, so I'm not going behind his back. Since he has been known to read this blog, I very well can't do that...much.
winkwink Just kidding, honey! :-)