Saturday, March 26, 2011

Attack of the Whatchamacallit!

I'm now 34% backed up to Carbonite, geez I might be finished next week, hopefully. {eyeroll}
I had the wooorrrssstttt attack this evening. If Hubs hadn't whipped out his blood pressure machine and cuffed me doing a heartbeat of 64 and a bp of 114/66, I would have sworn I was having a heart attack!

{You gotta admit -- those vitals, taken smack-dab in the middle of said attack, are pretty dang good for a 55-y.o. post-menopausal obese smoker with 5 kinds of arthritis, no? I'm actually proud of them, to be honest. But, I digress...}

Anyway...back to my attack. It was like a vise (or a chest-sized bp cuff) surrounded my chest and wouldn't let go. To extend the bp cuff metaphor, that thing was turned on and closing in around me, too. It wasn't stabbing pain, but it was constant painful discomfort that became pain because it just kept on. I could hardly breathe. I finally was able to lay back in my recliner. I cupped my boobs and mashed them into my chest and just tried to be as still as I could. It finally went away as quickly as it 10-15 minutes altogether.

And of course we've googled everything and gallbladder or just real bad indigestion are the top culprits. I wouldn't doubt either of them, as I have been eating everything in sight this week for some reason (probably from the bickering and getting The Ultimatum might have made me a nervous over-eater?)

I have even gained a couple pounds! Even worse than that and that is bad, I stopped my vinegar and honey drinks. So, like I said, I can totally accept that it was acute indigestion and trapped gas in my chest cavity.

Had to call my dad afterwards and he reminded me that my mom had the trapped air chest problem and would be doubled over holding herself like I did. (OTOH, my brother had to have his gallbladder removed about 5 years ago.)

Now, I have big plans to eat nothing for as long as I can. {eyeroll - I need an eyeroll smiley baddddd} I'm going to see if that stops it, then maybe it was just God telling me no more fatty foods. I just hate going to the doctor, that's the truth. They will run every test and still not know squat. I had none of the symptoms that signal anything acute or operable. The stress of it happening again is getting to me, tho, so if I can just make it thru the weekend, I'll decide then how to continue.

I continue to be antsy and anxious over it, so if you know any good diet to keep a gallbladder attack from happening, please email me: aimeslee at gmail dot com --- or my email on the sidebar. I have several. LOL