Monday, January 3, 2011

When parents text...

Do you know of this website? If you're a parent and you text your children, check it out and then let me know how to control the fear that one of my texts will be on there! For instance, Missy came over Saturday and there was a Jersey Shore marathon and we watched it. She then mentioned it on her Facebook later and it got several comments. So then I comment that I kept watching after she left, until I got all snooki'd up and had a situation. LOL

See why I'm afraid? {snort} I can't help myself. It's sad, really. winkwink

My  sinful fun  for today was deserting on both a Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich and a Nutrisystems chocolate cake. I also did pretty well  eating healthier,  too. Although we had a steak, baked potato and salad for dinner, I ate just a few slices of meat and used spray butter and fat-free sour cream on my potato. (Which is why I indulged on the desert.) I also had my diet foods for breakfast and lunch.

Hey, eating healthier is as much defensive as offense, don't you think?

It's the little things that are blessings-- isn't that always true? I'm trying to find and note those tiny pleasures in my life, and it ocurred to me the other day that wireless printing is one of them. I get such a kick out of sending something to the printer now that I have this new HPLaserJet P1102W. Hanging onto my old LaserJet was in a way why I had my computer meltdown because I was putting off upgrading in order to keep using the printer, so the joy I get out of this appliance is a welcome surprise. And I'm still amazed that the old printer cost $400 and the new one cost $100. Wow.
Enough for today (can you tell I'm trying hard to blog daily? Keep those cards and prayers coming! winkwink). I'm liking: lurking Sally Turlington's blog and photo albums of her art are on there, too, as she uses Typepad. I especially love her Published album, because several items in it were published in Stampington in the early 2000's, yet they are fresh as today. I'm always amazed to find that, since so much is trendy in art.

And here's a delightful creative space tour that Sally did for Seth Apter's Altered Page blog. I felt like she was my Secret Sharer after seeing that first photo. Those barrister cases are to die for and I love that she's not afraid to build up and hoard stuff. No, I'm not alone! winkwink