Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions in Motion


Instead of cheese and croutons, top a salad with low-fat crispy baked onion bits...just as satisfying. Even better, sprinkle on flax oil or sesame seeds. We're all out and on the grocery list...
Tonight's dinner. Brown rice (thanks to Stacy Julian for inspiring me to buy some), topped with steamed raw veggies leftover from our Christmas Day relish tray in a little olive oil. Coupled with Hubster's kitchen-cab version of Red Lobster's Parmesian Crusted Tilapia. We enjoyed samples of it the other night because Missy ordered it and dared to leave some on her plate. Highly recommended. :-)

Our in-house version was drastically different in ingredients. We basically only had tilapia, parmesian and spices on hand, and substituted cracker crumbs for the breading. Yet it was plenty tasty and will be made again. Lower in fat and calories than the original, too.

(no matter how small)

Today's sinful fun: enjoying one cold bottle of this delicious beer. I'm not much of a drinker of anything alcoholic, but the taste of this beer may change me to calling myself an occasional drinker. Hubster will have to agree to allow me one...we'll see...hehe.

This ny resolution thing is always a hard game to play for me.
I'm play-ing it low key this year.
I'm trying to be play-ful with it all.
I do have a few more detailed

I do have a few additional targeted goals just for January. The main goal is getting moved into my Paper Paisleys Playroom by or before January 31st. I am at the fill-the-guts stage of my room redo, meaning I am awash in minutia and details. Make that overwhelmed, too. Sometimes, I just have to walk away. I'm just too overwhelmed by the ridiculous amounts of stuff I have and refuse to part with.

The glues and adhesives have been officially organized and stored, although I did think of a better place to put the dry adhesives (below) and will move them yet again tomorrow. I have the order down, though. I began with sticky chaos in 4 different locations.

My paints and mediums are all organized, too. Some are on the shelves in my closet and my little tubes and bottles of acrylic are on the wall in a rack (see above - the rack's right beside the closet and you can see a peak of the shelves inside and behind).
Enough for today. I'm liking:
My sweet friend Lotus Vele's gorgeous journal covers...