Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Have you ever gotten a package using this stuff (above) as cushioning?

It's crinkly and thin, and somewhat like brown grocery bag paper (I love grocery bags). This stuff is perforated every 8.5 inches, too. Hmmmm....

When I was at my sickest and I couldn't stand to sleep any longer, I played around with a couple of piles of it that I'd saved. Told myself that I wasn't going for perfection, so when it would tear as I was separating it along the perforations, no biggie. Then, I ironed it to flattened it for storage.

As I ironed each sheet, I added it to the basket box. Once I'd finished ironing, I then tore each sheet in half lengthwise, so I ended with sheets all sized 8.5" by 15".
I began collecting paper towel cores and wound my new paper around in sets of 30 sheets per roll. One day soon I hope to turn this paper into journals and it was hands-on fun for me to do something so tedious but idiot-proof while I was ill. It helped satisfy my creative desire and I also got to recycle.
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