Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn = Allergies

~~ View from my front porch today ~~

Well, it favorite season and I have to be allergic to it. Where I live (southeast Texas coast), the time between constant heat stroke and consistant cold fronts is known as Autumn (or Fall), although I'd be willing to bet that elsewhere it's called Indian Summer. Since we don't really have 4 seasons like other people, we will take it! And it comes with trees and other assorted pollenating nature that stay quite confused, so they roar with their fertile juices. This makes the scenery gorgeous and my sinuses miserable.

I got sick last week and I'll just say it hasn't been fun. Lots of snot and sweat and whooping cough sounds morphing into convulsive thunder-rumbling and lots of raising hands as if in class -- it breaks the phlegm up better. I am better every day but still not well.

Absolutely no paper creativity has transpired while on my deathbed. Besides, even if I wanted to create (and I do), I am already commited to working on my playroom re-do. Actually, I should say my entire house except for both bathrooms and the kitchen. I've somehow managed to conceive of furniture rearrangments in each bedroom, as well as in the family and dining rooms, the study and the breakfast nook. Every one of those areas has been disrupted, so perhaps it is best to just think of it as one big canvas and my latest work!
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