Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a Pop-Tart...

...cuz I'm just poppin' in to shout out a {{{HEY}}}, share a couple a cards and update my status.

So, without further adieu....

{{{HEY}}}. Happy Fall, Y'all! It got down to 57 degrees here last night. WooHoo! LOVED it! It was a special treat for us, since that's more like November temps, but I'll take it and be thankful. Our little teeny cool front will be more and more weak but still here for a few more days as it moves eastward.

Okay, here are 2 ATC's that I did for a private trade with a nice friend from one of my groups:

*Diva Marie* ATC (Traded)
"Diva Marie" atc

The theme of our trade was "Vintage Paris". I've written before about how difficult this style is for me, but it is so satisfying when I do it justice. Cool thing about this card was the Glimmer-Misting fun I had dying the crotchet lace and the Doodlebug paper flower frills that pretty Bubblegum Pink color. I love how pretty the lace looks in that color. I just sprayed it and then shot it with my heat tool. I will definitely be spray-inking more lace.

*Air France* atc (Traded)
"Air France" ATC

I was feeling pretty good with "Marie" under my belt, so I think I got a little daring (for me) with this next one. When I finished these cards, the thought occurred to me that if the Muse Genie granted me this level of work from now on --- provided that I could only do this style --- that I'd be perfectly happy. I think that I was just caught up in the moment, but Vintage Paris really does make my heart happy.

I'll close now with an update on my status. Our conversion to wireless has had a few hiccups, partly because of Comcast and partly because I changed my mind on some details once I got to discussing it with the technician. So, he is supposed to be coming back this afternoon and hopefully we can finish. If all goes well today, it'll take me the better part of the week to get back to cyber-normal, and because of the problems we have had with the connection and the router, I'm trying hard to think positively. What else can I do? Not much.

Not much about that, I mean. Otherwise, I have been spending my offline time gung-ho attacking my stamps storage project and I've also managed to make some big progress on my craftroom (which I've decided to call my Paper Paisleys Playroom, and I'm already thinking about designing a sign and paisley room accents).

I cannot do it justice by describing it, but it's been such a wonderful rush to get something done on my new playroom. I am finally beginning to feel giddy with anticipation by just daydreaming that I'm in there creating. Hubs hung half of the wall shelving a few days ago on one wall and will do the rest tomorrow on the adjoining wall. And I have gotten the furniture in place under the first shelving.

All this time I'd been planning to move my Grandy's old cotton bailing table he built into this room, but it is way too big. I finally let that dream go and it will stay our kitchen table for now. When I did that and moved to order a couple of smaller tables, I realized that I already had 2 that will work quite well. I probably should revise my hand drawn floor plan blueprint, but I'm going to try just winging it for now. I can adjust the details.

Once I get the cable taken care of, I need to develop a sequencing game plan for which furniture gets moved when, and a list of what else to hang up on walls, leaving as much open space as I can for displaying art. Then comes the part that I've loved most all my life: filling and arranging what goes in the drawers, the shelves, the nooks, the crannies. I can still remember when I was 10, being told to go clean my room, and my Dad checking on me 2 hours later...and me proudly displaying my perfect closet and drawers while my outer room remained a mess. Ah, well...this time I've no parent to ruin my fun!

Hope to post again in a day or two...
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