Friday, September 24, 2010

Heidi Swapp made me do it! :-))

Hey there! Just poppin' in cuz it might be a while after this post. I may be without internet all weekend. We went to the Hub's reunion last weekend and came home to a busted wireless router. I puttered and fretted around on it all week long trying to fix it, but finally decided to just let Comcast bring me one of theirs and while they were here set it all up in the family room.

We decided to begin entering the 21st century and merge our internet connection with a new TV and DVR...Wii...and whatever else. First thing we need is to move the frickin cable and Hubs decided he'd pay Comcast to get in the attic.

Anyway, that is all happening Friday afternoon, and I always try to think of what can go wrong, ya know. But maybe it'll all work out perfect as planned. So, I'll leave you with this card to share and promise to be back on as soon as I am able.

*Risk Faith* quote notecard
*Risk Faith* notecard

You remember those big 3-inch Heidi Swapp flowers, right? Yep, I still have 3 whole containers of them. I was in the mood to alter a white one, so I stamped it and then cut it in half. I also tried out my new huge-o scallop punch. I never warmed up to that background paper until making this card. I think it does make a nice vintage style background.

Wild Things Birthday card
*Wild Things* birthday card

Oh, I almost forgot...I made another one with the leftovers, so I'll share that one too. This is for my oldest niece who turns 28. She liked the Wild Things book as a child. I drew the greenery to hide a handwritten note so I could re-use the tag. I also added some pencil eraser polka-dots to the other flower half. It ended up being a pretty nice looking artsy card. I think she will like it.

Hope to see y'all again in a day or two!
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