Saturday, July 17, 2010

Muse wants to morph...

I am being nudged daily by my Muse to morph, again. It will be the story of my artistic life to always change, I suppose. Might as well accept it. And, frankly, I enjoy the change. If only the roots I constantly try to grow wherever I move to could just stay there and feed my new morphing. But, nooooo. Not that simple. More later, but I'm feeling the need for a bigger canvas again. The walls of atcs and tiny altered art have begun to close in on me.

I have horribly neglected my art journaling and scrapbooking, which are large canvases, so that's probably a good direction to morph to. And since greeting cards are a fair size compromise, I will likely continue creating them.

So, speak of the devil, here's the card I created for our Missy's 22nd birthday:
*Happiness* Birthday card
This was the first real grown up theme card I've ever made for her and she absolutely loved it, which made it an A+ success. The inside stamped sentiments said "Wishing you a very happy birthday and lifetime of happiness." The outside card front design was a Stampers Corner sketch, and the Hearts in Touch stamp is the same one I did the atc with recently. This stamping was actually my practice for coloring and of course I could not let it go to waste, could I? winkwink

Since my yahoo group monthly atc lotteries and weekly mingles are the only way I can continue my participation with minimal time constraints in those groups, I will continue to create a few atc's every month. This hand-themed atc was made for the weekly mingle I do and was a desk top stash bash:
*Bilingual Hands?* atc (traded)
The Steven Wright quote says: "If you cannot talk without using your hands, does that make you bilingual?" The stamped image is by Stampendous, and it was my subconscious that made it purple and red. All similarities with Red Hat Societies are puely coincidental! winkwink

This friendly birthday card was my weekly to-do for my card group, and I might have stumbled upon a new technique! Use gelpens to enhance and alter your rub-ons. It's new to me, anyway:
Friend birthday greeting card
For this card I used SU cardstock, Tinkering Ink papers, a giant Basic Grey floral rub-on, and gelpens. I freehanded the shapes, which are a curtain and a planter dish.

I should probably give you a heads up: you should begin seeing some Christmas cards posted here soon. I was just contacted by the owner of my neighborhood LSS to teach a class during one of their scrap lock-ins. I will find out the details on Monday, but it sounded like we'll be using scraps and bashing the old stash, and you know I have a PhD in that! winkwink

More details to come... Have a great weekend!
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