Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The rest of the calendar album

Time to continue displaying the rest of the pages of the accordian calendar album that I made my parents. See my previous post here for January through July's calendar pages. But, before we do that...

I finally finished something that I'd been working on and I wanted to share it while it was warm out of the oven. This is a 4x6" post card that I created for a Zettiology swap in my Paper Traders group.

Okay, I'm gonna say it right up front. This was one of those finished pieces that shocked me (pleasantly), in that I never ever envisioned it being able to look this good and it just snuck on me. I think that one of the big reasons why is because I worked my arss off on it, little by little, layer by layer, detail by detail, with a whole lotta 'what if I do this?'.

I was trying so hard to bam it up another notch, because the base of it (a stamped flower background by All Night Media in black Versafine, and a stamped checkerboard border on the ends by Sassafras Lass in black Versafine) looked really nice and neat all on its own. What more could I possibly do, AND how do I get it to look really "zetti" without ruining the nice look? Adding a bit at a time here and there while retaining the basic look and its elements was the answer.

And did I mention that I worked my arss off on it? hehe I'm just thanking my lucky stars that I didn't screw it up and that all my hard work ended well. And I will do this again. It was quite pleasant and relaxing.

Okay, so onto the calendar album. You can click on any photo to see it bigger.

Presenting August:
Used my coool summertime border punches. The photo is the daytime view through my windshield looking up at the sky while driving over my favorite local bridge that I often mention...the bridge that always makes me feel so good to drive over. It's one of my favorite memories. That's one awesome sky, isn't it? And, just think, it's the Houston Ship Channel sky with all the refineries and pollution right there. Wow, should be dirty and nasty, huh? Yeah. Not. Just sayin. Life's good where I live. Little known fact.

And September, featuring a photo of me in my fatter days -- I'll take props for the courage it took to scrap it and to share with you here, thanks very much, winkwink. In fact, everyone pictured -- the Hubster and my brother -- were all at our heaviest. Good to record as a memory of what not to do again. ;-)

Next up, October:
This photo is of my Dad's family -- my aunt, my cousin, my great-grandmother and my grandparents, circa 1960-1961.
And onto November:
I thought this photo of Missy at her old bistro waistressing job was a great one for a month best known for a really good meal.

Finally, December:
An old photo of our little family of 3 circa 1990. I used that wonderfully textured silver insulation tape again. It's just cool. Love that stuff and I am on the hunt for more...

Well, that's it for now. Back soon with my next creations.
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