Saturday, April 24, 2010

Perpetual progress

This past week of mine since I last posted has been what I'd called a perpetual work in progress. The Hubs and I shared a few sickly days overcome by something we still can't label, but I managed to stay creative. I've yet to finish any of the art I worked on. But I did fill a big box full of loved art pretties to mail off for a Stuff It supplies mingle in my Paper Traders group. I also cling-mounted a lot of rubber and made good progress in converting my stamp storage to CD cases.

Not exciting or romantic in the least, but it's still being creative. The toilet's still gotta be cleaned no matter how glamorous the abode. winkwink

I've also once again displayed the annoying habit of avoiding this blog instead of reaching into my undisplayed art inventory and posting those little gems. Bad habit. Sorry. Must. Try. Harder. ;-))

So, I thought I might share a perpetual accordian calendar that I made for my parents a few months back. (Click on the photos to see them bigger).
I used a Melissa Frances 8x8 paper mache accordian album (the kind that comes in a lidded box) that I had painted a bright blue over a year ago and was sitting patiently waiting to be altered.
Its purpose was to be an artful reminder of family dates, and to include a few photos. This tabletop standing album is perfect for calendars, because each side when pulled out has six canvases, and so I did January - June on one and July - December on the other, left to right, so that my Dad would only have to turn it around every six months.
That snow is from my front flower bed in December 2009. I used a different Basic Grey collection on each month to create 12 scrapbook layouts, adding my *signature* bashing of my perpetual embellishment stash. I've not-that-expertly removed everyone's names to protect the innocent in these scans.
(Doesn't that birthday pie look delish? It was mine and it was spectacular. :-))
I have another one of these albums and it took me working with this first one to see that I'll make something else eventually.
(That's my paternal grandparents upon their engagement in 1925.)
I was just sure the thing would tear apart at the folds, as I kept layering tape and paper, folding it in and out and around, but it's remarkably strong.
(My brother's family - my 4 precious nephews)
It can also accomodate some substantially 3D objects when folded up, too. 
(My parents and moi circa 1962-ish)
This flexibility on the album's part was very much appreciated by me when it came time to have to fold it up as flat as possible for mailing.
(Local landmark arty shot)
I was able to wrap the album with bubble wrap and fit it into one of USPS's medium flat rate boxes along with a couple of books. It arrived in pristine condition, and my parents and I were all delighted.
(My Dad and his childhood neighborhood "gang" -- always reminds me of Spanky & Our Gang, hehe)
I used an awful lot of 7Gypsies gaffer tape -- trying to use it up, actually -- and it turned out to be the absolute best thing on the folds. But I got adventurous and also used various tapes, including some mystery shiny stuff that my friend Laura Kay had RAK'd me. I love it and want some more...and I'm almost tempted to say it is insulation tape from Home Depot. I shall have to ask The Hubs...or Laura Kay if you read this, winkwink.

Well, I'm tired of blogging for now, so I'll post the rest of the pages tomorrow.

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