Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Circus wrap-up

I bet you are surprised that I've been posting so often. I'm even more surprised that I forgot to share with you the easter cards I made for Missy and my mother-in-law.
They would be identical except for the crosses used and also the ribbon is placed a bit differently. One of my favorite things to do with vellum is to Cuttlebug-emboss it and maybe swipe a little chalk ink across it randomly. Solid vellum works great but patterned is even better. Doncha just wanna touch it?

The carousel horses was yet another free Dover image I had squirreled away in the computer files, so I printed it out in black and white and went to town with my Prisma pencils. This was a great way to use a few of my MAMBI skinny border stickers, too.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday. Hubs worked and brought home some of the bbq chicken they had made. It was really good. I had mine with some of the Kraft Mac n Cheese + Real Cheese leftover from the other day and the last of the black beans. Total carb-out with meat. Luckily, that was about all I ate for the day. I start every day fresh for low carb, though, and so far I have kept off what I lost before Christmas and what I lost during the February push. And I have fallen off the wagon quite a lot. Luck and my stubbornness in getting back on the horse every day must be what has helped.

Tomorrow I will show a little wall hanging I made for my friend Lotus who sends me postcards of her stamp carvings and who is trading atc's with me. It will be dry by then and I can photog it.
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