Monday, April 5, 2010

Friendly art

Remember the little lamb and duck I'd made with the digital stamp from WinkWinkInk? This is what I've done with it:
I have always followed the notion that if make something for someone else and then I don't want to part with it, then it must be a pretty good art or craft piece.

Here I go again.

Of course, I will part with it. I made it for an online friend who is always so thoughtful to send me a postcard featuring her newest stamp carvings, and I do believe she will like it. It may sound trivial, but since I've been reading more and more (trying to finish the stack of physical books I had waiting before I received my Kindle), I've been using her cards as bookmarks and really enjoying looking at her stamp art. There is something liberating in the card having gone thru the mail naked...a few more creases or smudges while a bookmark will not worsen it for wear.

So, I've been enjoying this wall hanging while I have it, but soon I'll be finishing up the atc's I am trading with her and will be mailing it off. The background is one of my favorites, made last fall using a page in my Moleskine watercolor journal, watersoluble pastels and a baby wipe. Love the quiet intensity of colors. I adhered it to 4x6 chipboard so it's pretty sturdy. I added some felt Thickers, a nice vellum quote sticker, some flower diecuts from that neverending old diecut calendar with some bling in their centers and some fibers to hang it from. Simple, clean and sweet.

I really love how the Stickles makes good lamb's wool. I have the puffy glues and the flock, but I was lazy. Stickles is quick and easy. Not bad for a cop-out, huh?

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