Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!

Gosh, it's been ages since I posted last, but it wasn't because I didn't miss ya. I have had both my thumb joints in splints for a week and just today got them off. Knock wood for good. The old Arthur Itis therapy has been causing reactions this go-round but the docs all say that means it is doing its job.

I've absolutely no idea really where I left off with my art, so I'll just dive into my files and pick some at random among those I've recently created. Mostly all cards and atc's, as usual with me lately.

And, please excuse me for not providing details like I've been doing. I've caught myself a few times delaying a post because I didn't feel like accumulating all that info, since for me this is all a therapeutic hobby.

I guess I should aslo mention that I had my 54th birthday this weekend, too. I got some good stuff! First, here is my card tree with most of the cards I received:

My wonderful husband gave me this:
And my equally wonderful DD gave me this:
I'm awash in new challenges and eye candy now, and feeling pretty blessed.

I got a steak and sweet potato dinner cooked for me Saturday night, and Olive Garden last night. Hubs went back to work today after being off giving the house to myself, and tonight, my favorite sandwich from Dominos Pizza, the Habanero Chicken. YUM! Life is pretty good....
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