Sunday, February 14, 2010

Late-Night Valentine Food

Omg, I almost did not post on The Big Day of Love! It is sad, really: Hubs and I both fell asleep around 8-ish after dining on fried chicken and chocolate. Yep, he chose Popeye's, so I went to pick some up. I'm right now day-dreaming a TV commercial...Lady Godiva riding her horse thru the streets holding bucket of Popeye's and singing, "Love that chicken from...". Are you seeing it now, too? Uh-oh, maybe I should just go back to bed! LOLOL

Oops, wait, then there is the Reese's Pieces type of commercial: "Hey, you got your fried chicken in my chocolate!"

Okay, all joking aside, here is the card I made for the Hubster:

I used the black paper on the insides and the outside back, too. And I wrote a private and mushy poem just for him that I used for the inside sentiment...which is why I'm not showing the inside, hehe.  He liked all of it. I usually buy him his cards, so this was a bit of a gamble that paid occasional one created by me to show him how much I care won't kill him.

I love the card he bought me! And I'm gonna copy it in part before all is said and done, too, because the design is just short of ingenious. It's 8.5" tall and 23.5" wide after it's all opened up. Here's the front:

And opened up like a regular card:

Then, the first unfolding of the right side:

And the second unfolding of the right side:

And the third unfolding of the right side:

And the final unfolding of the right side:

Here's the entire inside of the card folded out:

And, the entire backside of the card folded out:

Pretty cool, huh? I told him it struck me right then as the best Valentine's card so far that he has picked out. You shoulda seen his entire torso swell up with pride. Men, gotta love 'em, I know I love mine!  

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