Sunday, March 21, 2010

Challenging my stash

Shabby Tea Room is a new challenge blog I recently found and this week was the premiere. The objective was to make a card using the colors red, pink, creme, brown and green, and to get inspiration from this photo:

Right off the bat, I noticed the flute glasses and the checks pattern in the inspiration photo. I have a few diecuts of champagne flutes and I have checked ribbon in several colors. The biggest challenge for me were all of those colors, especially mixing red and pink. I am of the age and generation who were taught that the two did not mix, and although I've consciously tried mixing them it still makes me feel uncomfortable.

For my sketch to follow, I chose Sweet Stop Saturday's new one:
There's a challenge accompanying this sketch, to include something fuzzy. I had a collage sheet image of a woman wearing red and pink together, and a fuzzy felt beret and furry mink, so I figured it was perfect for this.

I put my card together without really thinking too much about it (which rarely happens), and even though I knew it was unusual from the get-go, I kept going. I think my Muse was calling the shots.
I added another objective, to bash some stash.

Deep Background Interrupt: I have always loved what Donna Downey once said that captures her creative scrap spirit. She added eyelets all throughout a mini book and quipped, "I'm bringin' eyelets back, baby!" I kind of adopted it as my own motto since I have a bazillion eyelets sitting around, but instead of peppering every piece of art with them, I pledged to only use when Donna's words came to me naturally without force. I was naturally reminded of them today, so I used some.

I really like it the more I look at it. All of those eyelets give it a festive feel and highlight the image nicely. I also liked how I allowed myself to just make something and not agonize over it. 

I haven't done one of these types of inspiration photo challenges in a long while. It was not easy for me but I'll try to keep playing every week as I ended up enjoying it very much. xoxo
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