Monday, March 22, 2010

Bending space and time

I really do not understand why the printed twill ribbon on this card looks like it is drooping downward on the right side, because in real life it is perfectly straight. I know it's straight because I Fabri-Tac'd it onto some very stiff yet thin chipboard, wrapping the edges around it, before glueing the chipboard down on the card with 1/16" foam pop-dots. It could only be crooked if the chipboard were, and it was perfectly straight.

Must be my scanner bending space and time again! LOL It's actually a great scanner. I think they all wonk things up when there are lumps (like those 3 brads on that side) and the scanning item is not perfectly flat. Shoulda taken a snapshot but it's already been mailed. 

This is a card for my oldest nephew who turns 17 this week. It's getting harder and harder for me to make teen-themed cards. I can do them for young children just fine but then it's like my creative abilities skip right to young adulthood and beyond.

Oh well, at least I haven't yet put kiddie stuff on a teen's card. Yes, I do have to fight the urge to do that, but I'm always reminded of Aunt Clara in "A Christmas Story" -- the one who made Ralphie the bunny suit. I do NOT want to be Aunt Clara to my nieces and nephews, winkwink.

For this card, I wasn't receiving any great inspiration, so I let color and mod patterns rule. Red and pink combined again. See, I'm trying! And, pink on a boy's card? If it's pink combined with red and orange, then it is okay. I was informed of this recently by said nephew.

This illustrates one reason teen cards are so tough sometimes. They require a certain amount of research as to what is okay and what is not, and I'm not even sure I'm getting it right, so horror of horrors, I may be Aunt Clara after all! Ack! 

Card supplies: Inkadinkado stamp, Copics, Basic Grey Lime Rickey papers, CI twill, Doodlbug brads, Paper Shapers corner combo punch, Stampers Corner card sketch #214.
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