Thursday, December 24, 2009

Low-key Yuletide

Yuletide, or Christmastide as some call it, begins officially tonite, and ends on Jan. 6 (which I suppose has everything to do with that day being Ephiphany).

(Card by me, using Karen Foster tags and sentiment)

This timespan has its roots in Christian religion and tells me that people back then did not get into all the preparations like we do now. Funny how the commercialism and even the customs change the focus. They were just starting up back in the day, just as I'm wanting it to end already.

(card by me, using Daisy D papers and Doodlebug embellies)

I'm trying to regain the original focus of Yuletide, so I'm intentionally planning a low-key affair. This works out great for me, since I also have to have it that way for health reasons. I've been on my low carb diet since Nov. 19th and I need to stay on it until I lose the weight I need to for the hip replacement (and I will be on it for several more months).

(Card by me using Prima bear and Clear Dollar bandaid stamps, MM tiny alphas, Karen Foster biggie flat brads and Basic Grey papers)

I'm very hopeful that I can be successful this time around. My hip pain shot back up to *on fire* yesterday. I absolutely hate this kind of pain because there is nothing I can do to abate it. Every time I move anything, it stabs at me. Last time, it eventually worked out of me, so I'm hoping this time is the same.

Here's to a great Yuletide to you and yours!

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jodi of the creative JAR said...

these are fab - happy holidays