Friday, December 25, 2009

The Big Day

(card by me, using doodlebug papers and cardstock embellishments, Zip EMate holly diecut, and Sugarloaf santa stamp)

My day was good...well, just okay, really. Nothing to write home about. Missy was in one of her rare Queen Bee moods, where everything her parents say is so not important or correct. I was sort of glad when she had to leave to get back to her puppy dog.

And my hip pain was so so bad today. I am beginning to suspect that in addition to the joint deterioration, I have some nerves pinched up in there, too. One of them has apparently gone rogue, because in the past several hours I've had horrid headaches, thought I was losing a tooth (both on the left side, same as my hip pain), and had horrid shoulder pain on that side. Th nerve pain is very unpredictable. I can stand up from my chair and no pain. Next time, the pain rips thru me like electricity. So I can't anticipate it. I can only move gingerly at all times. I have to be able to hold onto things just in case I step or move wrong. It just grates on me.

So much so that today I couldn't even get into creating anything. So hoping this was just an oddity, and I forced myself to at least Copic-color some metal charms to use in a card I've planned. I have so many things planned or in-process that it's a bit overwhelming.

One bright spot today was remembering the charity project I participated in a couple months ago, sending decorated lunch sacks and Beanie Babies to children in Kenya through the U.S. military's Camp Simba. I just happened to luck into being a part of this wonderful donation project, through a friend of a friend. Here are the 20 sacks I decorated:

Just look at all of the Christmas-themed scrapbooking supplies I used up! After creating a little happiness for kids halfway around the world, I think that was my second favorite thing about the whole project. :-)))

And the Beanie Babies I sent:

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