Monday, December 21, 2009

Very Hairy Christmas Week

I really have been vowing lately to not quit making Christmas stuff, if only to maybe be able to avoid another stint next year as a full time workshop elf, lol.

It's been bad enough that I have to eat, sleep, create, repeat. But, I'm woefully behind in my goals, which was to send a bunch more cards this year. That's definitely become a top goal for 2010. What are the goals you already know you want to achieve?

A couple of angel atc's to show you. This first one is a gel skin image transfer using OmniGel. Finally tried out the bottle. It  creates a pretty crisp image and I'll use it again, but I still love my packing tape the best.

And, this little reading angel that I used a few weeks ago, she's at it again, this time reading by candlelight:

Well, back to workshop elving - laterz!
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