Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to School Sept. calendar

Lordy, finally finished September's collage! As I mentioned yesterday, I used quite a few collage images of Crowabout's . I also have some of my own stash on it too.
This is a scan of it, which means the edges are not in the photo since it is a 12x12 and I have a regular-sized scanner bed. That nasty vertical line trying to disect the graduate man is annoying, but not so much for me to re-scan with a towel over it all to try to stop the shadow. 
I snapped a couple of photos of it hanging on the wall and one of them actually turned out pretty well, so I think I may submit it instead:
I was just making all this up as I went sketch, so I suppose I should be proud it turned out this good. But I really wish I'd moved the Make It Happen rectangle to be centered over the Edumacation part below it. And a couple of other little things. Oh well. I needed a page altered on my calendar and this helped get it done.
Why this theme (other than it is the month for Back to School)? It happens to be the theme for GPP Street Team's Crusade #33, that's why! I am only too happy to oblige and indulge for Michelle. I even plan to do another post on it later. But, I do believe that a good calendar page on the subject can provide motivation during the critical first month of commiting oneself to *Edumacation*, so there be my humble offering to that.
Along the feeder road of this, call it Self-Improvement Row: if I could cure myself of one artistic disease, it would either be my stubborn affliction for not seeing correctable crap until it's too late, or it would be to not give a crap about that crap and just create. It's just that I spend so much time on things and there's always some art pimple glaring at me.
Now would be a good time to remember that art quote, something about art is knowing which mistakes to keep. Yep, that would have my name on it! LOL
{Trying to act nonchalant for about twenty seconds, then giving up and screaming ARGH#@$^@$%&%*$^(&(&.}
Until next time,
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