Saturday, September 5, 2009

Art school

Guess what? I'm a full-time student now! At 53, I've gone back to school.

As promised, here's my additional post on Back to School for the GPP Street Team Crusade #33: Back to School, where I nitty-gritty the details about my new student status.

All without leaving my home. :-) I am taking a bunch of online art classes, it seems, in September and October.

It all started with deciding to take Kelly Kilmer's A Prompt A Day monthly class...again. I signed up for January's and did a few pages. Didn't like it cuz I didn't like getting dirty with paints. It's similar to my feelings about camping. Hate the thought of it and the first few days of it, until I'm really dirty. Then, I love it (and by then, it's usually time to head back home. I cannot win.)

At any rate, I did not finish that class and always regretted it. Meanwhile, I began painting in my composition books because I took Eliece's class and in there we just used one or two colors at a time. So I got used to painting. And keeping the brushes and paints wet. And cleaning the brushes. And cleaning up the mess.

Now I like it and I'm getting pretty good at it.

(Here's my first September page in Kelly's class... "The Life Aquatic". This was done in my Wake Me When It's Over Journal.)

Guess I'm feeling my oats here, because once I signed up for Kelly's September class, I took the plunge and signed up for SuziBlu's Let Petit Doll Beginner class, too. Wow, I thought. My September's gonna be ker-razy:

1. A journal page a day Sept. 1-30.
2. A 5-week class Sept. 5 - Oct. 8 learning to draw shabby dolls.

Well, wait, there's more.

The other day, somehow I found myself surfed over to this amazing place called My Creative Classroom. Omg, let me just say I wanted one of every course they give. There's like 5 I want to take and had to just refuse. But when I saw that my friend Linda was teaching how to decorate altered tins, well, I had to sign up!

I figured, learn from the Mastress how to decorate those, make some cards and voila, Christmas present! Since I have like 6 tins sitting around, it sounded like a Plan and it will be a great one. Then, I saw a Bind-It-All 101 class. This is just the shove I need to get jiggy with my machine (so I can try to fulfill my dream of being like my friend Tina, the mini-book Queen), so I signed up for that one as well. Then, I ran screaming from there, well, screaming YAY and MORE LATER, but at least I left before doing more damage.

So, let's subtotal:

1. A journal page a day Sept. 1-30.

2. A 5-week class Sept. 5 - Oct. 8 learning to draw shabby dolls.
3. A 3-week class on altering tins and making greeting cards Sept. 14-Oct. 4.
4. A Bind-It-All 101 class for 4 weeks from Oct. 6 - Nov. 3.

Let's see, is that all? Well, no. Still have 4 more Creative Lettering lessons to do to finish that course, and then I have a free one to choose. I finally decided on Doodling. But that's self-paced, whenever, so I can always fit that in. There is the A.R.T. class coming up in October on Lynn Perella's book Artists Journals and Sketchbooks. I wanted to take that, but I don't. That Decorated Page class was a killer! They work your butt off over there, lol. So, it's great, but be prepared.

1. A journal page a day Sept. 1-30.
2. A 5-week class Sept. 5 - Oct. 8 learning to draw shabby dolls.
3. A 3-week class on altering tins and making greeting cards Sept. 14-Oct. 4.
4. A Bind-It-All 101 class for 4 weeks from Oct. 6 - Nov. 3.
5. A Doodling class - self-paced, no deadline.

It has been awhile since I was in collage (the last time was in 1992-ish working on my Masters and teacher certification), but that looks like a full load to me.

Actually, 18 hours at least, because Suzi's doll class is like a adding a lab and is worth 2 classes timewise to any of the others.

And then there is running the 4x6 yahoo group. And I didn't even count taking my Paint Shop Pro classes! Oops! Make that 21-22 hours. Wow, the blood is coarsing the old veins now! I'd better stock up right this minute on midnite oil!

Things should be hairy-crazy-busy, but I'm looking forward to it.

Art overdose, bebe! :-)

Until next time,


Linda said...

OMG when will you have the chance to breath? But it sounds like fun.

I should take the bind it all class. I bought one last year just before Christmas and have only used it once. I don't know why I didn't consider using it when I was looking for journals. I could have punched all the pages out first then bound it later.

Enjoy your busy month.

Benita said...

Way to go on going back to school! That's exactly what I want to do, if I ever get up the courage, that is :)

Adrienne said...

Wow - that page is beautiful. I've done ONE art journal page and I would never post a picture of it - horrible!!

It's almost 2:00pm and I still need to shower and get on with my day but I'm anxious to get back and follow some of your links.

Thanks for becoming a follower of my fledgling blog. My other blog (political) takes up HUGE amounts of time but I needed a place to unwind...

Adrienne said...

OK - I just had to do a quick scroll and I can't wait to come back. Your art is wonderful and I know I'm going to learn a lot here.

Plus you have another Adrienne on your sidebar and I took a quick gander there. MORE great stuff...

Oh be still my beating heart...

2amscrapper said...

Good for you--jumping into those on-line classes. Love your project!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Look at you! I'm gonna have mini book competition huh! Looks like a lot of fun, and a lot of Christmas gifts! I think I need to check out the bind it all class - so now you are an enabler too! said...

Seriously! Aimeslee, these journal pages are breathtaking! You are so good at this!

On your tattoo page, did you draw the designs on the hand? I'm so impressed, jealous and inspired. I'm starting Sept 4th tomorrow and I'm going to use some of your inspiration to create the next few pages. Will see how they turn out.

Maj said...

WoW! That is impressive! Have fun - I am sure you are going to have LOTs of fun! ;)

Marlynn said...

OMG Girl - how do you do it! I am so impressed. I couldn't get thru Julie's Layer Love - done 2 of the 9 classes but I have until next spring. I love your art journaling. Best of luck... and yes, I need to pull out my bind-it-all and get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

teri said...

First of all, I love all your journaling. Tres impressive to see all your creative blossomings!! I don't know what your scrapping style was like, but I think you have an excellent sense of placement when it comes to arranging things on your pages -- that is often one of my most challenging areas.

Second, I'm exhausted just READING your "curriculum," but I'm impressed with your enthusiasm and I know you are one of the people who say they are going to do something and then actually do it -- so I'm going to be tuning in here for updates on your progress. xo-teri

jgr said...

Well congrats on all of that! I feel like a slacker after reading your schedule haha! I'll be back to see your results.

Anonymous said...

Wowee - you sure have gone back to school with a vengeance. You rock! Happy learning new stuff...

Belinda said...

i'm getting dizzy just reading about all your commitments, but they sure sound fun! enjoy each and every one!

PocketSize said...

Wow, you really do have a full plate! Sounds like fun, though. And I can sympathize with the so much to do so little time feeling, because I work and am in grad school plus I want to keep crafting!

Regina said...

I'm guessing you got over the messy paint thing. I recently learned (quite by accident) that waterless hand cleaner will quickly remove acrylic paint from my hands. Just pump some of that gel onto your hands and grab a papertowel to wipe them on.