Thursday, August 6, 2009

more finished journal pages!

Well, I hope all you are lucky enough to have plenty of air conditioning and iced tea, cuz here come the Dog Daze of Summer!

I turned the corner this week on my genealogy-themed journal pages for my Decorated Page workshop. Since I am needing a family tree break, this is good timing! This first page spread combines a Cutout layout with a butterfly motif page application. I've journaled the states that my ancestors inhabited in the clouds and used a stitch stencil to make the tiles on the roof. The image shows my cutout house tip-in on top of each facing background page:

Next, I took the locations of my two forefather lines and mapped them with stars. This spread combines a full page layout and a birdseye page application, using a stencil for the title. This one was sorta thought up on a whim, but I'm soooo thankful for that whim. I'd read enough wills, legal records and family documents to know that both branches were East Coast tobacco planters from the mid-1600s up until around 20-30 years before the Civil War when they migrated to the Mississippi Valley to farm. I knew that logically. Yet, when I saw the scatter plotting of those stars, I FELT it. I'm getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it again:

And finally, what is better than dishing a little ancestor dirt? LOL Too bad for you that I blurred the juicy naughties in order to protect the reps of my dead. You'll just have to use your imagination. The background is taped off and chalk ink's been sponged on. I combined a mandala layout with a storytelling application, and I stencilled the title (once again):

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