Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some finished journal pages

I am doing a genealogy theme for my workshop journal. I've been super busy and involved in it because finishing just one page takes me forever -- almost a week of constant work. Most of my contemporaries seem to finish a page an evening. It's quite frustrating for me, but what can I do?

At any rate, I have to combine one of the Layouts listed in Gwen Diehn's book The Decorated Page, with one of her journaling applications, for each page spread. There are 9 Layouts and 10 Applications. Our assignment has been to do one of each combo, which means 9 unique combinations and one repeat of a Layout.

The top journal page shown, Past Obsession, combines Borders with Reflecting. The next one, Surnames, combines Organic Shapes with Lists & Collections.

This next one, called Forefather Lines, has 1 main photo and 2 close-ups to show the vellum cover sheet strips adhere to it and the packing tape image transfers on one side. It is a page with a Grid layout and an Info Gathering journaling application.

This last one, called Brick Walls, is my favorite one so far. I've combined a Diagonals layout with a Decision-making application. I stamped on tissue paper and collaged with it for the first time. It's the bricks. I shall use tissue paper again. It was fun. And, I love how the watercoloring turned out. I scribbled on a few colors and rubbed in with a baby wipe.

Well, now it is August, so time for another new blog background. I'm thinking of changing it every month, just for grins, just to wake myself up. ;-)

Until next time,
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