Thursday, August 13, 2009


I finished my Decorated Page workshop (DPW) last week and went right into the Creative Lettering class I'd May {blush}. I'd done the sample lessons right away, but got sidetracked when DPW began its demanding pace. I was so determined to get back to my lettering that I did the last two DPW assignments as my first two lettering lessons. A two-fer always helps save time. :-)

Here are my last 3 DPW pages. First is a page I created in answer to an art journal prompt over at On the Wing ning. I combined a bleed layout with a spilling application (in DPW lingo):

The next DPW page is also my first lettering lesson. For DPW, I combined another border layout (we have one less layout type than we do application types, so I got to repeat one layout) with a springboard application. For my Creative Lettering Class (CLC), I was to print out an upper and lower case alphabet:

My final DPW page is also my second CLC lesson. For DPW, I combined a columns layout with a changing forms application. For CLC, I was to print out an upper and lower case alphabet 4 different ways (like 4 fonts if I was typing it):

That finishes up DPW and I should get my signed certificate around the end of this month, as I was one of the first to finish and she's giving a few extra weeks for as many as possible to finish.

So, onto CLC. I went ahead and did the first 2 lessons again, this time on graph paper. I wanted to practice my formation control some more:

I've kept on working on CLC and have 3 more lessons under my belt. Lesson 3 required me to write some words, each twice. So, I wrote down some names of my favorite film stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. I couldn't stop there, though. For practice, I wrote a quote that I created (I'm the fan):

Lesson 4 required me to write a quote of my choice on curving lines and then erase the lines. I opted instead to use my curve form (I used it to make my pocket in my DPW journal) as a ruler and just write with it placed on the page:

For Lesson 5, I was to journal on some wavy lines that I need to draw. This time, I used a wave-shaped ruler and traced the lines with a Gelly Roll sparkly gold gel pen, because I wanted a very light line. I will do this again, as it worked out great. I chose a Gelly Roll purple gel pen to write another quote:

I am thinking I will do this last lesson at least one more time, this time stretching my letters from line to line horizontally. This is how my teacher did it in the lesson example. I've only done this one other time and I was okay until I got halfway into it, then I kind of paniced. I'm going to try not to do that this time and will share what I come up with.

I hope to finish this class quickly, as I got a free one when I signed up, so I have at least one more lettering class to take. Plus, I am also going to start up Kelly Kilmer's A Prompt a Day class on September 1, come hell or high water. I still have not done all of her class from January, so I want to do those during the rest of August to get in the groove of painting backgrounds and journaling on a daily basis. That's why I titled this post Class-a-holic. I definitely am one, but I'm enjoying myself.

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