Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creatively lettered...

Hey. Hope your weekend is going good. I've had intermittent internet service this entire past week, plus no car as the Hubs took his in to have some work done on it and they've had to keep it waiting for parts so he's had mine. I've been doing a lot of throwing out of stuff, which is great but should mean more but doesn't because I'm such a packrat. I've been in a rather unattached mood though, so I hope to make a dent in my crap before I start getting clingy again.

If you are a packrat, you know you have to fool yourself sometimes. Usually I keep anything that can be donated, but never do it. So, I know this sounds horrible, but I'm just throwing stuff in the trash as it seems to be the only way to actually lose stuff. It's mostly old books that smell kinda musty so I doubt anyone would want them anyway.

I've been cutting off the covers of hardbacks and saving those, though. I saw where someone gesso's them and then uses them as substrate for collages and paintings. That is a great idea and book boards do not take up near the same space as hardback books. So I'm ahead there.

I've also been going through the books for any cool images and have found quite a few. So, I'm gaining those, and it takes time, but if I let my old packratty self do those 2 things, then I'm able to trash the remainder and not look back.

I have found a little time for art this week, but only one thing to show. I'm in the middle of decoupaging cigar labels onto Hubs' cigar humidor, per his request. I had put it off so long (he requested it back in April) that when I went to get it I found he had already started it for me by glueing a few on himself! I was able to peel them off (he must have scarfed a glue stick or something), but I got a good chuckle out of it. I bet he has watched me enough to think he can do it too, right?

I had mentioned last time that I was probably going to do Lesson 5 again (in my Creative Lettering class), and I did. I used a quote from Maya Angelou and love how it came out. Love the blue and green together, too. And, I plan nothing as to spacing -- well, I don't pick a 5 word quote if I have 6 lines to fill -- but this came out perfectly spaced without any planning. Just amazing, lol.

Until next time,
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