Monday, June 8, 2009

A little journaling

I need to get caught up with uploading my photos and scans, so first I have a journal spread to show. Then, I have some gorgeous art to show that I have received in the past month from members of my 4x6 Expressions yahoo group swaps and such.

{Click on all photos to see them larger}

Here is a background I did in my *Almost Daily* composition book art journal:

After gessoing the pages, I water colored the page in green, then brushed on some brown swirlies, then stamped circles in red distress ink, and green squares with versamark and brushed on Perfect Pearls. And here is what it turned into after I journaled:

On the left side, I've summarized a few movies worth remembering that I watched, and on the right side is an entry about one of my fave leftover meals, sliced steak salad with sweet cherry tomatoes and cole slaw. I meant for the red circles to represent the tomatoes, but I was basically doodle-stroking the green zig marker, not realizing til later it looks kinda like sliced cucumber, which is not in the salad but what the hey, right? The hand-written title is my practicing my creative lettering. I just began some self-paced online lessons in alphabet formation and creative lettering, so I should be trying my hand at it more in the coming weeks in my journals.

I also wanted to show some yahoo group art that has been making my mail box and me very happy recently. First up, 4 lovely 4x6 pieces from Sandi:

Next up, an abstract piece from Roz, and 2 cards from Nancy, an Asian themed and an Indian themed:

Then, a vintage "B" card from Nancy, a postage stamped beauty from Ayesha, and pretty butterflies from Jan:

I have been so pleased with the quality of art I receive from this group. I can only hope that mine has been as worthy. :-)

Until next time,
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