Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell me, please...

Every week, my Altered Designs yahoo group has a TGIF mingle to make an ATC with a different theme. This week's was "postal". This is my entry.

The card came together quickly, which was good since I started it about an hour before the deadline! I've had the image of the little girl for awhile and just needed a reason to use her. The postage stamp was in the image already, so unless I cut it out or hid it, the stamp needed to be part of the reason.

Then I looked in my Creative Imagination rub-on Travel booklet and found the text. The little postmark was on a 7Gypsies rub-on sheet of postmarks. It needed to explain why the little girl was asking the question. The one I picked worked well with the girl's parent being a soldier called to active duty.

Of course, collage really doesn't need to make sense. But you know me, Anal Aimeslee. winkwink I kinda need my collages to make good sense most of the time. So, a happy ending once again. :-)

Until next time,
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