Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Didn't Wanna Mail It...

...because I fell in love with it - the look the Fiskars Ivy border punch made on the edge, the way my altering the photo with inks and markers turned out, the awesome combo of the cheapo slab scrap papers, the way the blue flower looks perfect on the woman's body and makes the nude tasteful, the Anais Nin quote and the cool way I formatted the text, and finally, the blues and greens, my favorite internal color balm.

Oh well, just have to make another one! I kept chanting this over and over as I prepared the envelope. This layout, with a different image (because while I could print out more of this nude, I have tons of others to choose from), would make a great greeting card front, too, doncha think? Also, a great ATC. Yup, will have to make another...and another. winkwink

Short and sweet, as my Muse is being a stern taskmaster this week. And I'm grateful, as it keeps my mind off this swine flu outbreak

Until next time,

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