Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seeing Red...

***Okay, don't look if you will be shocked or upset about seeing a tasteful nude*** -- ready? :

This is my first attempt at using a nude image from a collage sheet. And my first nude anything. I am happy with it. I did this 4x6 piece for a swap in my yahoo group with the theme Monochromatic Reds. Can you see the red netting adhered onto the background? I also have a netting background stamp that I used on the frame around the image. Under the actual netting is a painted background of reds, and I really tried out the paint scraping technique with paper towels that Kelly Kilmer teaches. It has awesome depth in person. I used my Zig calligraphy writer markers to alter the image and color over.

Just ordered Angela Cartwright's first book, Mixed Emulsions, and she does a lot of that with photographs...yes, THAT Angela, from Make Room for Daddy and Lost in Space. I'm finally into that kind of mixed media now. I'm so slow to the gate on some things, but hey, I get there eventually and at least I'm not a lemming!

I also did this abstract background card using the leftover paint:

It looks pretty cool in person, so I left it that way and traded it for a lovely circles abstract card in the frenzy we had Sunday. It's not my best example of that kind of abstract, but the colors are soooooo gorgeous.

Tomorrow I have a very full non-art day. Missy is presenting at an advertising competition in Houston, and she wants me there so all day will be devoted to taking Hubs to work at 5:15 am so I can have his car, necessary home chores out of the way, shower and dress, on the road by 10, then stay there for as long as Missy wants me there and bask in the glow of my girl. :-))))))))
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