Sunday, March 22, 2009

revel in the season

i am so ready for sunshine and growth. i've been feeling bad for the last two weeks because of my arthritii therapy I had. i thought it would leave me more time to create, but I didn't even feel up to trying much. i had to resign from a postage stamp swap because i could only manage to get 2 made. "revel" is one of them.

i used an image of a bronze statuette from a mail order catalog because i loved the boy's expression. i made a stamp quilt for the background and really enjoyed doing it. i have a lot of postage stamps (which was why i joined the swap to begin use up some stamps).

here is the other atc i did, also with the stamp quilt background. this one is called "playful". i used a stamped image of a pug puppy as the focal point here. i ran across it in my scraps and have absolutely no memory of that stamp. i'm guessing it came in a rak, but regardless, he is a cutie. i used my black gel pen to do the black parts of his face...eyes and snout.

there are actually like 5 different types of pens and pencils on that dog, lol, but i can't remember any more what the others are. i just reach and use and reach and use sometimes, my unconscious mind takes over and i don't remember details.

i've been meaning to build up a trade inventory of atc's, so i think i will keep them for that, and hopefully make more of those stamp quilt backgrounds. can you tell i like them?

i looked back at the goals for this year that i blogged on new years day. i have made progress of some sort on every goal except for my ribbon, and that's without consciously remembering the goals. not bad, imho. not bad for me, anyway.

on the other hand, i've also picked up a few new interests that are nowhere in my original goals, and have been spending much of my time on those: art journaling, altered books, drawing. perhaps a revised 2009 goals list is in order, but not today or anytime very soon.

for the first time in 30 years, spring does not mean tax (over)time for me, and i'm gonna drink it in while it lasts here in texas!

until next time,
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