Thursday, March 26, 2009

never give up...

Happy TGIF, dear readers! I'm deviating a bit and relaxing my usual hardline rules about what I post to this blog today. I do have some art to share further down, but I've added some personal 411, too.

I've been suffering from brain fog and neck/spine pain this week, so all of my available mental powers were spent either trying to remember what I was doing or actually doing a little creating. Didn't ever get a blog entry finished until now.

Wednesday evening Hubs asked me if I felt up to ordering him a pizza online, which I thought I could handle. But 20 minutes later when he asked for its ETA, it turns out I forgot to order it. I began the process, then wandered off to finish something I'd wandered off from earlier.

It marked the first time I've ever really noticed him get upset at my limitations and, even though he was probably more hungry than anything, I was so ashamed. The entire day had been just like that for me, though, so by then I was just taking it for granted. And as to why I agreed to order the pizza? I think it was because I forgot that I shouldn't. {{HUGE EYE ROLL}}

The important thing is remembering that tomorrow is another day and another chance to be less of an eff-up than yesterday...right? winkwink

Taking my cue from that little gem of wisdom, I used an actual fortune cookie fortune for the words to this artist trading card. It conveys similar advice. Call my crazy, but creating this made me feel better. Able to laugh at myself again.

In fact, I went back over my week and jotted down all of the dumb-ass things I'd done that were along the same lines, like leaving out the pool guys check on Tuesday when he wasn't supposed to come until next Tuesday. Or forgetting my Lean Cuisine in the microwave four different times before finally snapping that eating it would stop the merry-go-round. Or how every single day that I drove anywhere, I couldn't remember for a few seconds where I was headed while I was driving out of my neighborhood.

Before you ask, my doctor has assured me that it is not Alzheimer's. It's actual brain fog, lol. The meds I take are slowly building back up good stuff on my nerve endings and around my joints, and this causes temporary fogginess of the old noggin, and this is also what causes me to mimic the ADHD symptoms.

Ok, so anyway, you can maybe imagine how long it has taken me to visit other blogs, and if you haven't heard from me, you don't give up, either, okay? Slowly but surely is my motto. Speaking of which, I was late to Paula's blog and discovered she had tagged me way back on March 10 -- Oops! I got right on it and this next photo is the result:

The rules of the tag say to find the seventh photo in the seventh folder of photos on my computer. This is it. Looks like the cover of a box of Bluebell Ice Cream bars, right? Why would I have that photo? Because the guy (or model) eating the ice cream is one of my Dad's drama students from the late 60's. He's the only one to have made a successful working actor career in Hollywood. He's done a few covers for Bluebell and my Dad collects them, like a proud teacher papa.

His name is Blue Deckert and if you are / were a fan of either "Friday Night Lights" or "Walker, Texas Ranger", you might be thinking he looks familiar. He plays Coach Macgill on "FNL".

Now I remember Blue a little differently because it was when I was around 10 or 12 and he was a college student that I knew him. I happen to think he's a pretty attractive middle-aged man, but back in the day he was a hunk of burnin' gorgeous! Tan, muscular body, fit and trim, a full head of blonde hair...a certifiable lady killer to be sure, and a smile that melted butter. You better believe I was crushin' hard at my tender age, but I doubt he even noticed me. {Sigh}

Here are the rules for this tag:

1. Go to the photo folder in your computer.
2. Go to the seventh folder of photos.
3. Go to the seventh picture.
4. Put the picture on your blog along with a description of it.
5. Invite seven friends to join the challenge.

So, who will I invite? How about....

1. Lida
2. Nancy
3. Theresa
4. Brenda
5. Elizabeth
6. Toni
7. Jill

What blasts from the past will you ladies unearth from your hard drives? Give these blogs a visit to see. These are all tres talented artistas, too, so there will be eye candy galore. I can't wait to see and hear some stories...

I will try really hard to post later with photos about my book altering class progress. Until then, I'll leave you a little photo taste tease:

Until next time,

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