Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Blog Party!

I am playing a bit of catch-up as I got into this late, but I've joined Soul Journal Yahoo Group (with Collage Diva Kathryn). She's organized a Valentine Blog Party for today, as a sort of Meet n Greet for members, plus for anyone else who is interested. Membership in the group is not required.

The idea is to visit the participants' blogs (listed on Kathryn's sidebar), and she's leaving it up for a few days cuz these things sometimes take time. Many of us do have a sweetheart to spend time with today, too. winkwink

So, I'm inviting you to the Valentine Blog Party. After clicking on the link, read Kathryn's post for today, then look on her righthand sidebar for Valentine Blog participants. It is the first listing at the top. These are the blogs to visit, so click away on the links and have a great time.

I just went to one participant who was having a giveaway of a free digital journaling class membership (you bet I entered!), and several have freebie downloads of images and such. So, it might just be a party of riches for ya!
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