Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy love day!

Here's a drawing in my sketch journal to commemorate the day.

And, if you look at the paper towel, you will see my inspiration / model. Amazing what cute art is on Sparkle paper towels these days, huh?

Next up are two cards I made with my Victorian scrap and my Pacon round paper doilies, plus some scrap booking tags. The first one is for Missy and her roomie,

and the other one is for my parents, who I hope receive it in time (their mail is so slow).

I very much like to play with the vintage-y style. I'm secretly afraid to load it up too thick, though, because I cannot control it. Some can do it just right, with a perfect touch, but not moi. I try to leave mine a bit plain as in my mind that looks better than too much, one step over the line. Just know, in my heart I want to collage it all on until it hurts!

I have one more project, a heart card pouch, but it is not finished yet. I'm headed right right now on a middle of the night trip to Kroger because the Hubster has to work a half day and will have the car, but I want to buy some loose wrapped chocolate he likes to put in the card pouch. It'll be sort of like the cones they used to put flowers or candy in back in the Victorian days. More about it later, probably tomorrow since I am back on the blog like a foodaholic on cheesecake. ;-)))

Hope every has some happy-ness today and or tonite! hubba hubba

Until Next Time,
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