Monday, February 23, 2009

my absence

Gosh, I need to blog, huh? winkwink

I've been off being blissfully scattered. Linear. Lots of visual stimulation. Thinking, too.

It started with me joining a couple of new yahoo groups to check them out and getting way too over-stimulated at all the tremendous talent in them. Checked out many new blogs. Bought some new art books and much time spent whithin their pages.

Fiddled around, drew this:

Fiddled around some more, drew this:

I'm still pretty scattered, not even ready to blog-hop again just yet. I have to let the ADD calm down and avoid aggravating it, because I can't go off the arthritis meds to stop it. Silly side effects. Really frustrating, but I promise to get caught up one day.

Anyway, gonna be doing linear stuff this week. Will blog again soon.
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