Thursday, February 5, 2009

heritage & harleys

Just want to pop in and share this with you, with a little background info too. This is the lefthand side of the Pocahontas page in my Little Gluebook of Wisdom. I did continue the colorful wind and the purple paper (which is scrap construction paper, by the way). But otherwise the two are not really a spread after all. I know, I had been thinking they would be.

We get a magazine from Exxon every few months that has feature stories about company involvements around the world. Some of it is technical and boring, but it has the most gorgeous photography, and occasionally there are some good articles.

That's where I found this Indian dude. I was fascinated by how well he incorporated his love for Harleys into his traditional Native American costume, to show off who he is. I had been saving this quote that I thought was perfect to express what I got out of his image.

I haven't decided if I like the purple spaces left plain yet, but I wanted to go ahead and show it as is. I may doodle in white paint pen a bit more at a later date. Not motivated to right now.

As I fill my two little composition books up page by page, I am loving how different they are feeling in my hand, as I carry them and handle them. Written journals feel different as they are filled, but journals with art -- with adhesive that changes the paper, with the scant lumpiness here and there that lets you know something interesting is inside -- they have their own feel and look even more pleasing to me.

I don't often notice how tactile I am, but with these books I do. I like the hardback covers on my *almost daily* more than the covers that are on my gluebook. I never even noticed a difference until now. Funny what details we see when we let them find us...

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