Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cold Case Files

I just had to document this !@##$^$% illness I've had, so this page is now in my *almost daily* pages for January:

I had started it over a week ago so that I wouldn't lose my *ephemera*, and even though I am still in the end-throws of hacking and blowing, I had to finally finish the dang page. I bet that'll be the first and only time I finish a page before the event I'm chronicaling finishes. Johnny on the spot, one time in my life! Yay! Hoo-Yaw! Ha-ha! winkwink

This page spread produced a loud guffaw from Hubs when I forced him to look at it. Usually it goes like this:

Me: Would you like to look at my latest art journal page?
Hubs: No.

Yes, that's my supportive soulmate! LOL

This page he liked, though. Since he was sick with this stuff, too, I guess he liked the leaking nose faucet. Or, he was doing a great job of play-acting. Who knows.

I shouldn't complain much. Even though he doesn't really want to look, he always says if art makes me happy, he is happy for me to do it. And I'm happy to leave him out of it, because he could take a greater interest in the art supplies I buy...and I wouldn't want that at all. Oh, no. winkwink
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